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Jeyms Robinson's famous best seller book  "Why Nations Fail " has been selected to be presented to the readers of Uzbekistan. For the presentation of the book under the title "Tashkent Talks," Jeyms Robinson team  was asked to prepare his personal brand identity for this conference. Contacting Fido Studio under the banner of "Tashkent Talks," they seek the creation of a logo and identity tailored to their vision.


For our client, we executed the project with a distinct strategy, having obtained a specific brief from them. Based on the brief, we first identified the need for a logo for the conference and promptly initiated the process of creating the logo following the theme of the speech. Our primary focus in the logo was the representation of our client as the keynote speaker. The logo was designed with a quill to emphasize the client's role as a writer, and it was crafted in accordance with the principles of minimalism, ensuring a clean and concise design.


The chosen color for the identity further enhanced brand coherence, appealing to the target audience and capturing the attention of the book enthusiasts. The identity and logo served as the foundation for the website, which was developed to provide detailed information about the conference for the attendees.


By aligning the logo, identity, and website with the client's brand and the essence of the conference, we were able to create a cohesive and engaging experience for the participants, highlighting the importance of the event and the client's contribution as the distinguished speaker.


The collaboration of James Robinson with the University of Wisconsin doctoral candidate, Behzod Khoshimov, and Harvard University doctoral candidate, Botir Qobilov, during the "Tashkent Talks" event, emphasized the diverse intellectual perspectives present. The carefully crafted brand identity and logo, designed to capture the essence of the event, played a pivotal role in attracting a significant and influential audience. The event attracted over 700 attendees, including well-known businessmen and brands.  The event's success highlighted the importance of comprehensive branding solutions in elevating the overall impact of such gatherings and fostering a sense of unity and engagement among attendees and participants.

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