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"Kezar" is a large textile industry factory


Kezar is a company in Uzbekistan with a 20-year history that has maintained its own design and style over the years. However, due to the inability of its current design to meet the demands of the modern world, the company is unable to make a breakthrough in the international market. Therefore, they have requested us to redesign their brand identity and logo.


We have begun creating a new Identity and Design for Kezar Textile Company, based on understanding the psychology of Kezar's customers. We have developed a customer map to integrate unique styles that resonate with the clientele. In the process of crafting the brand identity, we focused on combining the values of Kezar Company with the rich heritage of Uzbek culture. This stylistic approach was approved by Kezar Textile Company and was announced to the branding team. Consequently, it has established the international visual presence of Kezar Textile Company, resulting in a substantial increase in the company's business volume across multiple sectors.



The logo we created depicts cotton and the shining sun. The logo is made in the style of "luxury" and represents the high quality of products.

Flyers and a professional catalog were also created for Kezar. In the catalog we paid great attention to every shade of color.

All of the client's orders were completed professionally and left satisfied. Most importantly, the rebranding was warmly received by the audience. The imagination and information about the brand has broadened.


Kezar Textile Company's brand identity revolves around a harmonious fusion of contemporary innovation and Uzbek cultural heritage. With a customer-centric approach, the company's ethos resonates through its commitment to quality, tradition, and modernity. The brand's distinctive visual language is inspired by intricate Uzbek motifs and vibrant hues, reflecting a narrative of rich craftsmanship and global appeal. Kezar Textile Company aims to uphold its legacy of excellence while embracing dynamic global market demands, fostering a unique identity that signifies both tradition and progression.

Kezar color palette
Kezar logo bag mockup
Kezar logo candle mockup
Kezar logo letter mockup
kezar logo mockup
Kezar logo identity
Kezar invoice
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