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"Bilimdon" stimulate intelligence within the family.


In Uzbekistan, there is a significant interest in the game of zakovat among  and enthusiasts. In light of this, the task has been set to develop an offline version of the zakovat game for enthusiasts to enjoy with their families and friends.
Given the popularity of zakovat, especially among families and friends looking for offline entertainment, there is a demand for a dedicated offline version of the game. This version should cater to both enthusiasts who want to play the game seriously and those who want to enjoy it in a more casual and social setting.


Our studio, Bilimdon, started by first developing the comprehensive concept of the Bilimdon game, followed by creating all the visual and communication elements. This encompassed designing the logo, establishing the brand identity, creating a website, and, most importantly, developing the Bilimdon game itself.

By implementing this solution, Bilimdon was equipped with a strong visual identity, an engaging website, and, most importantly, a well-designed offline zakovat game that catered to the needs and preferences of enthusiasts, families, and friends. The holistic approach ensured that Bilimdon could effectively promote and sustain its presence in the Uzbekistan gaming market.



The first step in our solution was the creation of a distinctive logo for Bilimdon. The logo needed to capture the essence of the game, possibly incorporating elements related to hide and seek, fun, and togetherness. The design aimed to be memorable, visually appealing, and versatile for various applications.


Building on the logo, we developed a comprehensive brand identity for Bilimdon. This included defining color schemes, typography, and visual elements that would maintain consistency across all materials and platforms. The brand identity was designed to reflect the values of inclusivity, fun, and offline social interaction.


To promote the Bilimdon game and provide a central hub for enthusiasts and potential players, we created a user-friendly website. The website showcased the game's features, rules, customization options, and multiplayer capabilities. It also incorporated a blog or forum for players to share their experiences and ideas.

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Bilimdon logo
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